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One of the greatest strengths of the classical guitar is its ability to perform music from many different styles and time periods.


Whether you wish to walk down the aisle to the delicate lute music of the renaissance, feature a pensive composition by Bach or a simple folk song during the ceremony The classical guitar is one of the few instruments capable of realizing each one of those styles and the only one able to do it while creating a magically intimate environment.


Some may prefer more traditional wedding fare, others want the music of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon or the Eagles, and still others request the traditional music of Spain, Latin America and Brazil. 

One person with a small set up and all of the above is covered. I have been playing weddings for over 30 years and would love to help you celebrate your special day.

Please feel free to contact me here and be sure to take a look at my reviews in the press kit below.


Living in the Finger lakes offers many opportunities to sample the very best wine this region has to offer. When speaking of wineries and events, a particular favorite for me are the special pairing dinners presented by the wineries throughout the year.

Shortly after attending my first Winemaker's Dinner many years ago I began to consider how music might be added to the pairing process. I found myself wondering why we were limiting ourselves to only the senses of sight, smell and taste.


I feel that the clear contrapuntal textures of the Renaissance lute composers would pair wonderfully with a dry Reisling. I can hear the slightly more complex harmony of the Baroque period accompanying the delicate subtlety of a Pinot Noir. Finally, the complexity of a fine Cabernet and the spicy nature of a local Lemberger might best be matched with the rich, harmonically intricate music of the Romantic period. 

Please contact me here and perhaps we can arrange a "Paired Performance" at your next event or Winemaker's Dinner.

and Events

The classical guitar adds a great deal to any event. Whether it is a catered dinner, a cocktail party, or the celebration of an exceptionally special occasion, live music performed on the classical guitar casts a subtle and wonderfully sonorous light on your evening,

If you are interested in hiring a classical guitarist to perform for your event, please contact me here and be sure to take a look at my reviews in the press kit below. 


I will be happy to work with you and make sure that your particular occasion is as distinct as possible.

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